Unicorn 4
Unicornsare famous as beautiful,gentle creatures that are extremely rare,they were supposedly hunted to extinction long ago for their magical horns.


As many people know,unicorns resemble majestic white horses with spiral horns juttting from their skulls.


Unicorns' horns have magic healing properties,which is the reason it was hunted to extinction.In some myths it is said that unicorns have the ability to see if someone is pure of heart.


Unicorns are generally very shy,gentle and helpful.They usually stay away from "impure" people.It is rumoured that only a pure maiden can tame a unicorn.


Nephele and the UnicornEdit

According to mythology,a hunter named Severus fell in love with a wood nymph named Nephele.However,Severus cannot be with Nephele forever as unlike Nephele,he was not immortal.The goddess Diana noticed his plight and gave him a potion that transformed him into an immortal unicorn so he could be with Nephele forever.

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