Perseus With Medusa's Head
De Medusa
Gorgons are three snake-haired woman that appear in Greek mythology,the most famous of which is Medusa.


Gorgons have snakes for hair and disgustingly hideous faces.Some myths state that gorgons have the body of a woman with green skin whilst others say they have the torso of a woman and the lower half of the body is a snake's long scaly body.


Gorgons are so incredibly ugly that if a person is to look into their eyes,he will instantly turn to stone.Also,two of the gorgons are immortal and cannot be killed.


The gorgons' gaze will have no effect if it is reflected by a mirror or some other reflective surface.


The Gorgons' OriginEdit

The gorgons were once three beautiful sisters.The most beautiful of which was Medusa.She was so beautiful,the god of the sea,Poseidon,fell in love with her.They agreed to meet in the temple of Athena secretly.Medusa's sisters, Stheno and Euryale helped her sneak into the temple.However,when Athena noticed this,she was furious and turned them into hideous beasts.

The Head of MedusaEdit

The Greek hero Perseus was sent to retrieve the head of Medusa.When he arrived at the gorgons' lair they were asleep.Using his shield as a mirror,Perseus sliced of Medusa's head and escaped before the other gorgons'could attack him.


  • After having her head sliced off,the winged horse Pegasus and the giant Chrysaor sprang from Medusa's blood.

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